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Manon Malan ✳ feng pfui transport 


London UK, 2019

Feng Pfui Transport the Film is an artistic, immersive and performative short film, pushing the boundaries of a contemporary practice merging garments and sculpture into film. The film attempts to transform the artist's fashion designs, inspired by Ancient Greek Statues intro an experience. This project is a collaboration with artist Manon Malan, up-and-coming director Filip Fredrik Haglund and Creative Producer Jasmine Dhingra, the three of them recent graduates of Central Saint Martins, among others.

Artist/Director/Fashion Designer: Manon Malan✳ Film Director/Director of Photography: Filip Fredrik Haglund  ✳ Creative Director/Producer: Jasmine Dhingra ✳Assistant Film Director: Ahren Warner
Make-up and Hair: Phoebe Kennard & Shadeh Mehrinfar
✳ Fashion designer & Stylist: Eva Neuburger
✳ Stylist: Anne Holm Petersen