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Lily Vanili's bakery✳ "let them eat brioche"
promotional video, trend-forecasting campaign


London UK, 2019

“let them eat brioche” project attempts to illustrate the futuristic idea behind "food with meaning" ,in a conceptual way, serving promotional purposes for a popular artisan bakery in London, Lily Vanili's bakery.

According to food trend forecasts, by 2025, food will be even more associated with benefits going beyond its mere nutritional value and be more about story telling: "Food with a message" connecting with emotional needs of individuals, influencing moods and having positive effects on our beauty . Thus, the concept of this video was the presentation of a sample of edible accessories, introduced in a humoristic way that represents the user's identity and helps people connect with the bakery's lifestyle.
This campaign includes additional features ,like vending machines in key spots in London. These vending machines sell ready cake mixes giving the opportunity to involve the client with the cake preparation and presentation,providing secret Lily Vanili's ingredients and aesthetic in the packaging.

Packaging was carefully designed to be 100% reusable and waste free. This was actualized by the use of recycled and plantable seed paper. The packaging itself could be transformed into a gift box for the cake and after it is reused it can be planted into soil and let the client remember this delicious cake through some nice looking flowers !In order to present the vending machines to the audience, an event was organized.

This event evolves around the main installation called "The Foundry" ."The Foundry"  consists of tasting corridor, a vending machine with customized flavor for each individual, a room presenting the variety of ingredients used in the cake mixes offered and a photo-booth to record your visit.

Project in collaboration with : Claudia Serra Gomez, Maru Hernandez, Cristina Murelo ✳ Photography : Claudia Serra Gomez
✳ Sound design : Lefteris Kouklakis