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Psychology study  pareidolia project


London UK, 2019

The RAWrschach questionnaire is a pilot study amongst a random sample of individuals created to improve upon the study design, prior to performance of a full-scale research project. This primary research consisted of a survey created.

The first part of this survey is a renewed form of the Rorschach test , where I transformed the original illustrations of the Rorschach test into 3d models .The rest, are three main psychological tests which measure tendencies and psychological characteristics. More specifically the DASS test measures Anxiety, Depression and Stress, the GPTS measures paranoid thought tendencies, and BFI creates and overview of character traits.  The combination and evaluation of these questionnaires was Elisavet’s job.
Attempting to bring the Rorschach test into the 21st century, RAWrschach questionnaire is enhancing the original test in  four ways:

A. having an online questionnaire to base the research on

B. transforming the original design into 3d models

C. incorporating three other basic psychometric tests to it (DASS, GPTS, BFI)

D. future direction : using digital technology to create an immersive and interactive experience

As a future direction, this research could continue by leaving the screens of our pc’s and being hosted in an exhibition’s space. The exhibition is called WHO AM I and is here to tell you more things about yourself and people with similar points of view. This space has two parts. The test room and the result room.

In the entrance a person from the stuff is going to greet you and give you the answer card which will help you get your personized results. As you enter, the test room has a 360 projection of the RAWrschach questionnaire on the walls. People can answer through a voting system where you insert your card in the voting control and have 20 min to answer the questionnaire. This room will have regulated flow and capacity of people.

In the result room you can see a projection of live statistics on the wall, interactive infographics that will change live as the people on the other room are contributing their answers. Before the exit you can insert your answer card into the slot of the result generator. You will get a note reflecting the participant’s responses in the test (for example people who scored high in openness and neuroticism tend to engage more in artistic activities but can be self-conscious!) . On the back side of the card there will be a message in a more personal tone which will encourage the user to scan their QR code and get a further analysis of their results in the exhibitions website. At the same time anonymous data will be saved to be used in future statistics and developments of the research.

       Project in collaboration with :Elisavet Pappa