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Two of Rods swimwear ✳ underwater euphoria collection -


Athens GR, 2018

Two of Rods is a Greek swimwear and leisure-time garment brand, basing their aesthetic perspective on mysticism, symbolism and a modern approach to ancient Greek rituals. The logo was inspired by the mythical sea nymphs, called Nereids , who accompanied the ancient god, Poseidon in the deepest waters. However the use of a non-binary characters in the logo, was a conscious choice, as the brand is not addressed to females exclusively.

The illustration used here, represented the respect for the Greek heritage, pushing ,at the same time, the limits of what is considered cultural appropriation.

Through the "underwater euphoria" project, the patterns refer to the rituals of different celebrations in Ancient Greece, as well as the aesthetic psychedelia of their almost theatrical every-day actions, to worship their gods.

The modern design of the swimsuits and garments themselves, underline the need to incorporate parts of our heritage to the life nowadays and celebrate it with color and zest.

Images courtesy of : Two of Rods