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Independent project ✳ what if i told you campaign


London UK, 2019

This conceptual journey lead us to a neighborhood in China, named Shenzhen, where we came across the idea of disruption through Shanzhai culture. This culture was created along with the trivialization of the copyright magnitude in this specific area. Taking this as an example, we were individually prompted to copy, distort and paste-back elements from different familiar ideas in order to create and direct a campaign.

The idea behind this individual project called "what if I told you", was that to imagine how trends that are hype right now could actually last for years and eventually become a classical cultural trait.

In order to do that I picked three of the most popular trends of the past three decades (90’s- bad translated Chinese lettering tattoos, 00’s- memes, 10’s- street inspired high fashion). To achieve the experimentation needed in order to develop this mix and match situation I collaborated with out-of-school colleagues (a model and a photographer).

Creating the garments, managing the shooting and overlooking the general aesthetic of the project as well as graphicly appropriating this sense, gave me more insight to understand the art of Art Direction better. The outcome came in five aesthetically cohesive parts (the clothing, a three-posts Instagram campaign, a four-frames fashion editorial, a digital billboard and two promotional banners) which partially depicted the way those trends could be incorprated in fashion as classical cultural traits.

Photography : Anna Papanikolaou 
✳ Model : Stavriana Astradeni